History of Best Quality Employment Services Inc.

Best Quality Employment Services, Inc was founded on March 10, 2020 as continuance of Star Employment Services of Montello Street in Brockton, MA.

Star Employment was a joint family venture of Francisco Rodrigues, Angela Escobar,  and Javier Acosta in June of 2003.  Javier assumed the role of President of Star Employment, though sadly, he passed away in April of 2019 leaving his sister, Viviana P Acosta, to continue Javier’s vision of Star Employment under a new name.

Almost one year later, Best Quality Employment Services Inc. was born as a way for Viviana to continue the legacy her brother and his team had built in the first business, maintaining relationships with clients, and providing excellent customer service matching clients with top notch employees.

Although the business has rebooted with it’s new brand, existing and new clients can rely on the foundation built originally in 2003 and maintained to this day in 2020.